Tuesday, 21. 03. 2023
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NEW: BROW Lifting & Styling by Wimpernwelle

  • Wimpernwelle BROW Lifting & Styling

    Aligning and permanently smoothing stubborn or protruding eyebrow hairs? The beauty trend "BROW Lifting" makes it possible: The eyebrow hairs are made shapeable so that for 3-5 weeks they can be combed in the desired direction, thus making them look fuller.

    To ensure that your favorite eyebrow shape can be maintained all day long, finish the styling by using the new, transparent BROW FIXING GEL: applied with the special brush, the eyebrows are easily fixed in the desired shape.

    For the BROW Lifting treatment we have modified the proven Wimpernwelle gels and additionally enriched them with skin care, while the POWER PAD glue fixes the eyebrows and protects the skin.


  • How does our BROW Lifting & Styling work?

    1. Eyebrows are fixed in desired shape with POWER PAD glue. BROW Lifting Gels 1+2 are applied one after another. Exposure time is 3 - 5 minutes.

    2. Then tint the eyebrows with BINACIL.

    3. Define the eyebrow shape now (by plucking, cutting, Arabic eyebrow threading technique or similar)

    4. Comb eyebrows into desired favorite shape.

    5. Apply Keratin Booster: The Lamination Fluid professional helps to revitalize the eyebrow structure.

    6. Gently enhance the eyebrows with the BROW LINER, define the shape and fill any gaps (Tattoo effect).

    7. Finally fix the eyebrow shape with the BROW FIXING GEL.

    Note: Please feel free to ask for our detailed BROW Lifting instructions for use by e-Mail: info[at]wimpernwelle.com

  • Work like a professional: professional training video

    HERE, professionals can register for our free online training video for Wimpernwelle BROW Lifting & Styling!

  • FOR PROFESSIONALS: BROW Lifting Kit and BROW Lifting & Styling Complete Kit

    BROW Lifting is currently a MEGA trend. With the BROW Lifting KIT or the BROW Lifting & Styling Complete Kit you are part of it!

    For approx. 15 BROW Lifting treatments

    Contents: BROW Lifting GEL 1 + GEL 2 in 7 ml bottles, POWER PAD glue & brush (shelf life of the gels max. 3 months after opening)

    With the BROW Lifting & Styling Complete Kit you will get everything you need for an eyebrow styling: 1 BROW Lifting KIT, 1 BROW FIXING GEL, BROW LINERS in 3 colour shades for skin & eyebrow hairs, 1 LAMINATION FLUID professional

  • BROW services in detail

    Offer your customers a complete eyebrow lifting & styling:

    Wimpernwelle BROW Lifting: stubborn, unruly or protruding eyebrows are smoothed, straightened and made shapeable.

    BINACIL Eyebrow Tinting: Permanent eyebrow coloration with tint. BINACIL is for professionals only, shortened application time after BROW Lifting (3 - 5 minutes)

    Eyebrow shape styling: Define the type-appropriate eyebrow shape by plucking, thread technique or wax strips

    Lamination Fluid professional: The Keratin Booster helps to revitalize the eyebrow structure (for the sale to clients offer Lash & Brow Lamination Fluid home)

    BROW LINER: For the skin coloration (tattoo effect), filling gaps and for styling. In the 3 colour shades Chocolate, Cacao, Stone (also for the sale to your clients)

    Eyebrow defining brush: The most important tool for the daily combing of the smooth and shapeable eyebrows into the desired form, e.g. for the Messy Look or simply to fan them out neatly (also for sale to your clients)

    BROW FIXING GEL: Finally fix the eyebrows in your favorite all-day-lasting eyebrow shape (also for sale to your clients)

    Treatment TIP: Offer a HYAPEP eye cure treatment during the BROW Lift! Apply HYAPEP tri-active Serum underneath our self-adhesive, neutral skin protection pads. ADVANTAGE: Your client will immediately feel the moisturizing effect of this TOP Hyaluron + Peptide Serum! (50 ml bottle for the cabin and in 15 ml & 30 ml for the sale to clients)